Sunday, August 8, 2010

On the Menu (with Hobo Meal recipe)

It's time. I have to start getting back out of lazy summer mode and back into the swing of things. We've had sporadic menus this summer, but now I'm getting serious. We're going camping at the end of this week, so we'll have our traditional hobo meals one night and hamburgers/veggie burgers another night. Other favorite camping essentials include beef jerky, Sunchips, powdered sugar donuts, and pudding snack paks. These are all coveted foods that don't normally make it into the shopping cart. Also, Dr. H. insists on frying Spam for breakfast.

I usually choke down one piece to make him happy, but no one else in the entire campground—and we'll be camping with about 20 other families—will touch it. Poor Dr. H.

Hobo Meals

Stew beef
Assorted veggies, like potatoes, carrots, zucchini, mushrooms, onions.

Directions (assemble at home before camping): Bake (or partially bake) the potatoes, otherwise they may not cook in the campfire. Cut enough sheets of foil for each person. Spray with cooking spray. Add meat and then whatever bit-sized veggies each person wants. (One of the beauties of the hobo meal is that you can tailor-make each meal for each person.) Season generously. Add a couple of tablespoons of butter to each one. Seal well and write the person's name in Sharpie on each packet. Store in your cooler. To cook, place on prepared coals over campfire. Takes probably 15-20 minutes, depending on how hot the fire is. You can also make these with chicken or ground beef, but we like the texture of stew beef the best.

This week we'll also be having:
Samosas: I grew up having these on Saturdays at the Farmers' Market in Ithaca, New York. Perfect vegetarian fare.
Grilled Chicken with Cornell Sauce
Bacon and Tomato Pasta

We are all tired of summer food and looking forward to soups. I'm sure I said something exactly opposite about 4 months ago!

Do you have a favorite camping food? We'd love some new ideas.


  1. Mmmm!! I love making this!! Only we called them "foiled dinners." I know, creative, right?

  2. Mmmmm... thanks for the samosa recipe. It never occurred to me to look for one. We love Indian food.

    And I agree about summer food. I am tired of trying to think of things to cook because everyone is really craving hearty soups and stews but not when it's 95 out.

  3. Yummy! Sounds amazing. We don't do much camping anymore.


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