Thursday, August 19, 2010


I can't remember the first time we ever took Jesse camping, but he was just a little guy, maybe even a baby. When we lived in Iowa, we weren't exactly avid campers because, well, it's strange to sleep by a cornfield. Children of the Corn and all that. But in the past 10 years we've camped far too many times to count. So camping was the perfect way to spend our last weekend with our son before he goes to college.

Yes, he's texting while we camp. Don't judge us; you'll allow it, too, when you have a 17-year-old. We camped with about 15 other families for our annual Scouting Family Camp. I think he's texting his not-girlfriend (she's not allowed to date, so they're not-dating), wondering how long until she arrived.

This was a new find for us on this trip: Starbucks instant coffee. Um, yum! It was actually fantastic coffee! One of the downfalls of camping has now been eliminated for us. If we can figure out how to eliminate chiggars, life would be grand.

Duncan spent 98% of his time riding his bike and playing with his 15 or so buddies who were there. We really didn't see him except for meals and bed.

Laurel nearly finished her outdoor cooking and camping badges. She's getting ready to make pancakes here.

Camping is just plain good for the soul. I can't think of a better way to spend a few of the last days with our family before our first one flies away.


  1. I agree. What a great way to spend your time togehter!

  2. I have not tried the Starbucks yet, but I hear it's great!

  3. A big thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog post today. My family and I also love to camp. I look forward to when our children are a bit older so we can really enjoy it.

    I have a pack of Starbucks Via sitting in my kitchen but have yet to try it. Glad to hear that it's worth a taste!

    Carmen @ Keeping Up Klapper

  4. Oh, I heart camping!! It's a little difficult with a toddler right now, but I'll be excited when everyone is old enough to enjoy it.

    College?! Whoa, mama. Are you ready?

  5. Nice Blogging!!!
    With all best wishes...

  6. oh yes~~fun family time annnd you have to have coffee when you are camping!! A treat in the wilderness:)

    Kay Ellen

  7. wish i could spend camping with my family. all of us are really busy with our own lives. sigh.. wish i could have one sooner.


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