Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ft. Loudoun in August

Our friend Chris is always trying to talk Dr. H. into joining him in reenacting. Today probably wasn't the best day to entice someone into the world of reenacting. It was easily 98 degrees at Ft. Loudoun for the 250th anniversary of the Surrender of Fort Loudoun to the Cherokees. And those guys were wearing wool, and a lot of it.

We sat in the shade and watched the battle and then walked around and talked with Chris and his kids, who are also in period dress. We watched a guy baking cornbread in an outdoor oven and a blacksmith making bullets. Duncan got advice on how to be a man from a nearly-naked Cherokee. We sweated a lot, but not nearly as much as those guys.

We got back into our air-conditioned van and went to an air-conditioned supermarket to buy groceries, which we are now cooking in our air-conditioned home on our indoor stove.

I'm glad Dr. H. is passionate about hiking and camping in the nice, cool woods in the summer, 'cause wool just makes me itch.

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  1. Um, no thank you to the wool in this heat and humidity! I'm with you. As for the cool woods, still too humid right now. I am actually ready for our Southern summer to end. My hubby would have loved the re-enactment. He's a history teacher.


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